By Chef Tim LaBant

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“I’ve been obsessed with Neapolitan style pies for years since eating at many of the famous NY/ New Haven spots like Robertas, Frannys, Motorino, and Paulie Gees. Why the hell was it so good, and why after I eat it, do I actually feel good? I’ve never had gluten issues but after 2-3 slices from a regular pizza spot, I feel like I’ve eaten a boat anchor. I really knew nothing about pizza so I figured there was just some magic ingredient.”

“It turns out that when it comes to exceptional pizza, everything matters, from the protein content in the flour, to the temperature of each ingredient you add, to the dough and, perhaps most importantly, the fermentation process (the reason its so easy on the stomach, which BTW may have nothing to do with gluten).”

"I look forward to opening soon in order to continue my obsession and to feed all my family and friends, old and new!”

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